Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness from dietitians

‘Good health IS good Business’

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy workforce.

Nubean Dietitians are able to offer valuable information about diet and nutrition to improve employees overall mental, physical, emotional health resulting in higher energy levels and less sick days.

We offer the following to company members:

  • Health screening including: ideal weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage (fat around the stomach), muscle mass, bone mass, ideal water percentage and ideal metabolic age.
  • Nutritional advice on a variety of topics, including overall health and vitality, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, nutritional advice during pregnancy, poly cystic ovary syndrome, intestinal diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS and exercise recommendations.
  • Delivering of meals for lunch and or dinner according to individual needs
  • Individual or group consultations including meal plans, dietary support and meal prepping
  • Discovery Vitality Nutrition Assessments which, clients earn 1000 vitality points.
  • Talks on a variety of health topics relevant to the company


Please note: All Dietician services can be claimed back from their medical aids unless it is a presentation