Nubean Dietitians provide dietary consultations for weight loss, sports nutrition, maternity nutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, DNAlysis, PCOS, hypothyrodism, healthy eating and IBS. We also offer online meal plans purchase as well as healthy meal delivery.

Online Meal Plans

If you’re too busy to see a dietitian, or you want to lose weight or gain muscle, AND don’t have health complications such as diabetes, you can now do an FREE online assessment with an option to buy your personalised meal plan for only R280. Check it out HERE.

Meal Ordering

Don’t have time or energy to cook? Don’t worry, Nubean Dietitians will do the shopping, prepping, cooking AND delivering your meals to your door! Your meals are tailored to your needs, calculated from your age, weight, height and activity level, therefore the price will range from R65 to R150 per meal depending on the meal plans.


1. Initial Consultation R550:  (45 Minutes)

During the first consultation we get to know about you. We find out your likes and dislikes, and determine your goals.  The consulation includes:

  • Body compositions – height, weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and waist circumference
  • Medical history and diet history
  • Food preference and intolerance/allergies
  • Current eating habits
  • goal-setting
  • blood tests analysis if you have the report
  • Nutrigenomic tests will be done if the client would like a diet plan that is personalised according to their DNA. Tests cost will be an extra, please find the details HERE
  • You will earn 1000 points if you’re on Vitality


2. Diet Plan Consultation/Second Consultation R450:  (45 minutes)

The dietitian would take all the information gathered from the initial consultation, and draw up an individualised diet plan to meet the patient’s specific nutritional requirements.  The patient is educated on the reasoning behind the diet plan so that they are empowered to make the correct food choices to meet their dietary requirements.  We would go through the bespoke meal plan we have created for you. The meal plan includes a 7-day menu with appropriate portion sizes, recipes and guidelines.


3. Follow-Up Consultations (single) R370 (15 – 30 minutes)

Regular follow-up visits have shown to lead to higher achievement of health goals. One of the goals of follow-up visits is to motivate you and keep you on track with new dietary and lifestyle behaviours. These consultations involve monitoring the progress, and adjust the client’s diet plan if necessary. Various topics will be covered during the follow-ups.


Follow-Up package R1100 for 4 consultations (15 – 30 mins):

This is offered to our weight-loss clients.  You can purchase 4 weigh-in’s for R1100 (you’ll save R380).  All 4 weigh-in’s must be done within 6 weeks from the date of purchase.


4. Winter Weight Loss Special: Let’s get into the summer body before summer comes!

Book in for our “Winter Weight Loss Special”, which includes an assessment, a diet plan consultation and 4 weekly follow-up consultations for R1950 (you will save R530).  The package will help you to be on track with your new eating and lifestyle behaviours, and also motivate you for healthy weight-loss.

You can either book the package online, or book in your initial consultation, and let us know that you want the package!


5. Vitality Assessment R370 (30 mins):

Vitality Assessment will be very similar to the Initial Consultation but a meal plan won’t be designed. It’s for you to find out your current dietary habits, body composition (BMI, waist circumference, fat percentage etc.) as well as help you to set your personal goals. You will earn 1000 points on Vitality.